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How much does expat health insurance normally cost?

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Arnold Martin
Expat health insurance is a must-have for expatriates and their families. This type of health insurance allows you to access local and overseas healthcare facilities. Depending on the coverage you need, your expat insurance can cost as low as $26 per month. This usually covers in-patient and day-patient care.

There are many different kinds of expat health insurance and the costs vary depending on coverage. NOW Health International lists factors that help determine the cost of your expat health insurance policy:

- Level of cover: Plans with higher levels of coverage will cost higher.
- Country of residence: Premiums vary depending on location.
- Medical history: Your premiums will cost more or less depending on pre-existing medical conditions
- Age: You’re premiums are likely to cost more if you fall under the older age group

Expat insurance might be or might not be a requirement in order for you to work or live abroad. But it’s still a good idea to consider getting one to ensure that you’ll always have access to the best healthcare while you’re working and living overseas.

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How much does expat health insurance normally cost?

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